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We are fortunate to have drinkable water, natural resources to sustain us, freedom to roam the Earth, and loved ones to enjoy time with.

The POCCA Team wishes to celebrate with you this week!

July 8th; from 9am to 2pm POCCA has a table at Brewster Conservation Day on Drummer Boy Park off of Route 6A.

July 9th; from 9am to 1pm POCCA has a table at Brewster Farmers Market on Drummer Boy Park off of Route 6A.

July 13th; from 6pm to 10pm at Truro Vineyards join POCCA with outdoor live music, educational tables and so much dancing fun!

July 20th; starting at 6pm, the No Bees No Food Lecture and Fundraiser at the First Parish Brewster Unitarian Universalist Church in Brewster is a night of education about Honeybees with guest speaker Laura Kelley.

Helping to protect our quality of life on Cape Cod


How you can lessen your impact above our aquifer Simple “acts” of making WISE choices every day for the betterment of Cape Cod:

1 - Vote with your dollar ~ Where you spend money matters! Will you purchase as much as you possibly can from Cape Cod businesses, farmers, crafters and artists? You would help build up our economy here. Supporting local businesses means you aren’t building up big corporations and you are giving local families a better chance.

2 - Become truly non-toxic ~ What you buy affects nature! Will you purchase non-toxic products for inside and outside your home and body? You would help protect your loved ones, pets and natural resources for generations to come.

3 - Recycle 100% ~ How you treat your waste counts! Will you be responsible for the waste you collect? Transfer it all properly so it doesn’t end up in a land fill somewhere to rot over time.

Cumulatively we would make a huge difference to our drinking water!


Well, did you know:

  • Children are especially vulnerable to pesticides.

  • Children ages 6-11 have significantly higher levels of pesticides in their bodies than any other age group, youth or adult.

  • Children are exposed to enormous amounts of pesticides via multiple routes; most exposure occurs in homes, gardens and schools.

  • Like children, pets are particularly vulnerable to pesticide poisoning via lawns, baits set out for “pest” species, and toxic flea treatments.

July 7th this week: California to Officially List Key Ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup as Cancer-Causing Did you see there's a place to write if you or a loved one have been affected by Roundup: http://roundupcancer.claim-review.com/

IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR LAND OFF DRUGS to help you, children and honeybees live healthier and happier lives here ~

Do you have landscape questions?

Visit www.littlefieldlandscapes.com

The POCCA Team looks forward to seeing you out this week!

Please donate toward our efforts at the state level by PayPal here

We will be selling organic POCCA T shirts for $20. and decals for $1.

Join us, there is much to celebrate!!!

Cheers to our drinking water ~

Laura Kelley, President

Natalia von Hausen, Vice President

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