Recycling Made Easy on Cape Cod

Disposing of clean glass, plastic bottles, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and tin cans in your trash is prohibited in Massachusetts, check out what Nauset Disposal offers for services!

Metals They Buy
We are top recyclers of:

FREE To Dump
Stop paying outrageous fees at your local dump to get rid of:

  • Electronic Waste: Computers, monitors, printers and more

  • Used Appliances: refrigeraters, washers, dryers and more

  • Tv's, stereos, cell phones, and much much more

Pickup / Dropoff
MidCape Metal Recycling offers several ways to get your metals to market:

  • Drop your materials off at our Hyannis facility  Map

  • Order a roll-off container for your business site

  • Schedule pick-up services (Based on amount and type of scrap metal)

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