Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer (POCCA)


Developing new research and materials to support the harmful effects of herbicides.

Developing new relationships across the Cape and MV with schools, libraries, churches and commercial businesses to continue expanding education for our community.

We are fortunate to have drinkable water below us, let’s do all we can to protect it~ POCCA is an all-volunteer team of concerned citizens who get together weekly to promote the protection of the water we drink on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.


Our mission is to inspire local governments to do more to protect drinking water.  We also educate citizens and businesses about non-toxic products that decrease the amount of toxins entering the aquifer.  Will you join us in the protection of our greatest natural resource?

POCCA received the Cape and Island Democratic Award    on April 27, 2019 for best activist of the year!

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