Will you join the mission to help protect natural resources on Cape & MV?


There are safer alternatives Eversource can use, like selective pruning instead of herbicide use. 

It is up to us to protect our drinking water we rely upon daily, we are the stewards here. 

1 - Call:  Governor Baker:  Request the Governor contact the Chair of the Mass. Pesticide Board, John Lebeau, to remove Herbicides on the VMP for Cape Cod & MV considering we live above where we drink.  Mass. state regulations list horizontal set backs for water Well protection of 50 feet but no vertical distances.  Drinkable water lenses are less than 50 feet below throughout the power lines.  That means state regulations don’t match the Cape’s unique hydrology, set backs are horizontal not vertical, so our water is not protected by state regulations.

              Phone:  617.725.4005  and/or  Email:


2 - Call:  EEA = Matthew A. Beaton


              Phone: (617) 626-1101  and/or  Email:

              Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)

              100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900   Boston, MA 02114


3 - Write a letter to MDAR:  

Clayton Edwards of MDAR

Rights of Way Coordinator

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

251 Causeway Street, Suite 500    Boston, MA 02114

Here is the Vegetation Management Plan written by Eversource 2018 to 2022 for Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard for the next five (5) years.  MDAR is to approve this plan that lists 9 herbicides we don't want:


~ Did you know the Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) will approve the VMP because the EPA says herbicides are legal, even though we live above drinkable water that is on average less than 20 feet below us?  The state (MDAR) should listen to 17 Cape towns who stated they do not want this happening again.  Also our Cape Assembly of Delegates wrote a resolution against this in March 2016, yet the state over-rides their wishes allowing herbicide use when there are many successful alternatives available that are less toxic over time.

~ Did you know in 2013 Eversource used 2,026.5 gallons of herbicides along power lines Cape Cod?   

Did you know in 2014 Eversource used 2,103 gallons of herbicides along power lines on Cape Cod?   

Did you know Eversource just completed the first VMP for 5 years of applying herbicides,

that could amount to over 10,000 gallons of herbicides used by Eversource and allowed by our state, MDAR?


Cape Cod has a unique ecology with sand for soil that permeates contaminates a foot a day on average.  

Why add more to the mix?  The Cape has 5 drinkable lenses, neighboring towns share the same lens.  

It is up to us to protect the land we all love, this is our water and we don't want more herbicides in it.

We can have electricity without harming our natural resources over time, but your help is needed to reach out to our state officials with your strong feelings about this important matter.  Please tell your friends too.

This is a mission that will take our caring community reaching out to make a difference. 

It is up to us and power in numbers will be what heals this important situation once and for all. 

Call the EEA today and make a difference.  Give them your name, address and reason for your call,

it's real simple and you'll be on record for making a change for the better for us all.

~ thank you for taking 3 minutes to make a phone call today. 

Help stop this unfortunate issue:

Contact the below people with your strong message why you don't want Eversource to use herbicides on our land.

Senator Julian Cyr

Representative Sarah Peake

Bouchard, Alisha Chief of Staff, Administration

Bruckner, Joshua ALB Outreach Coordinator, Crop & Pest Services

Cai, Sunny Environmental Health Inspector, Crop & Pest Services

Diamond, Jesse Pesticide Inspector (Southeast), Crop & Pest Services

Edwards, Clayton Pesticide Inspector/ROW Program

Grubin, Sarah State Survey Coordinator, Crop & Pest Services

Kennedy, Gerard Director, Conservation & Technical Assistance

Lebeaux, John Commissioner

Lopez-Swetland, Allie Marketing and Product Utilization Specialist, Crop & Pest Services

Maul, Laura Environmental Analyst, Conservation & Technical Assistance

McClean, Michael Chief Pesticide Inspector, Crop & Pest Services

Oakes, Fred Pesticide Inspector (Northeast)

Palano, Gerry Alternative Energy Specialist, Conservation & Technical Assistance

Pilis, Steven Produce Safety Coordinator

Wentworth, Jason Assistant Commissioner

POCCA receives Cape and Island Democratic Award         on April 27, 2019 for best activist of the year.

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