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Request your town VOLUNTEER to not use Glyphosate products on town-owned land today!

To help, please email your town Select Board and Health Board with the documents below.

Request they VOLUNTEER to not use any Glyphosate products on any land the town owns, like, schools, parks, walkways, ball fields, parking lots, windmills, greens, police and fire stations, libraries, town hall properties, along bike trails, at beaches, etc


It is up to us to request our own town governments do the right thing to protect children at play.


Thank you for your help with this very important issue.  


There is much evidence that Glyphosate is harmful to people and our environment. 

See below for more or google for updated studies on Glyphosate and share information with others to help educate them.  Glyphosate is legal but that doesn't mean it is good for us.

1 - The ten steps for a town board to take
2 - Template for Towns to follow
4 - Science & Harm
5 - Alternatives for glyphosate
3 - Poster showing contamination
6 - MASS. towns who restricted Glyphosate
7 - Understanding & managing glyphosate in MASS.
Dr. Stephan Frantz and Laura Kelley wrote all the documents above for towns in Massachusetts. 
~ Photo taken at The NOFA Conference (Northeastern Organic Farmers Association) at Worchester State University on January 12, 2020, where they both gave presentations to the public about the harm Glyphosate brings to soil, water, air and all living creatures on Earth.
Steph & me.jpg
Laura Kelley's presentation about Glyphosate at Worchester State University on Jan. 12, 2020.  
How to eliminate Glyphosate use on land your town owns:
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