Since Glyphosate is proven harmful to pollinators, people and non-targeted plants, The POCCA Team has a goal of reaching all 351 Towns in Massachusetts in 2020 with the documents we wrote with Doctor Stephan Frantz.

The request for each Massachusetts town is:  "would you eliminate the use of all glyphosate products on town-owned land?"

See the #7 documents below, all the information a Town will need is there, just send it to your Town Board by email, okay?




Educate your town Select Board and your Health Board:

Since the Select Board owns the land, approach them with your requests but the goal is to have the Health Board write a new town Regulation on glyphosate use only on land your town owns.  NOTE:  it is illegal to ban the sale and/or use of glyphosate because of the pre-emption law in Mass. BUT since the town owns the land they can maintain their land any way they wish - your request is, “without glyphosate products on town-owned properties.”



To get onto the agenda at your town Select Board (BOS) and/or Health Board (BOH):  write an email with a complete request. Attach all documents and include any and all language you wish to discuss.  Once at the meeting you need to focus on what you sent them in the email so they have time to gather their own questions and look up more information. Look up on line at your own town web site and see when your BOS and BOH meet.  Add a suggested date in the email to them when you are ready to give a presentation with your request. Follow up by email each week until you receive a reply with a date and a time and a location from the board secretary.  Reply with confirmation by email back to them.  Getting onto the agenda isn’t easy in most towns so follow up is necessary.  Any questions?  Call us!

1 - The ten steps for a town board to take
2 - Template for Towns to follow
4 - Science & Harm
5 - Alternatives for glyphosate
3 - Poster showing contamination
6 - MASS. towns who restricted Glyphosate
7 - Understanding & managing glyphosate in MASS.
Dr. Stephan Frantz and Laura Kelley wrote all the documents above for towns in Massachusetts. 
~ Photo taken at the NOFA conference about glyphosate at Worchester State University on January 12, 2020 where they both gave presentations
Laura Kelley's presentation on Glyphosate day at Worchester State Univ. on Jan. 12, 2020, how to eliminate glyphosate from land your town owns:

POCCA received the Cape and Island Democratic Award    on April 27, 2019 for best activist of the year!

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