WATER is the most precious natural resource we have


POCCA in National News on June 17, 2019 about helping Cape Cod:


Controversial herbicide, Glyphosate, isn't healthy for any mammal


1 - Roundup weedkiller debate, local schools, cities goes herbicide-free over safety concerns:


2 - May 22, 2019, LA county bans use of roundup weedkiller:


Our Mission

POCCA's mission is to educate residents, businesses and public agencies of Cape Cod how to keep our drinking water safe by eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals in our environment.  We believe education is the key to the longevity of drinkable water.  With a few simple shifts in our own daily routines, it will make all the difference!

POCCA Public Service Announcement -
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 We are fortunate our drinkable water is below us because it doesn't travel very far
but with that comes a greater responsibility of protection.   
Will you join the mission to help protect water here?
Every day the choices you make matter, what you purchase, where you purchase and how much you use.  If each of us would do 3 things every day, collectively we would make huge change:  purchase foods and essentials at local farmers markets, this supports our next generations here, don't purchase anything toxic, we live above where we drink (shampoo, soaps, detergents, pesticides), and lastly recycle 100% or it will end up in an ocean.  See our products page for more detailed information ~
Pruning Party with GOATS on Power Lines in Harwich Sept 11th ~ 
                                          What is the depth
                       to your drinkable water on Cape Cod?
~ visit our MAPS page to see ~

   The POCCA Team schedule

   with Cape and MV towns:


   Feb 5 -   Bourne BOS 7pm - BOS = board of Selectmen

   Feb 19 - Harwich BOH at 6:30pm - BOH = board of Health

   Feb 20 - Brewster BOH at 7pm

   Feb 25 - Falmouth BOS at 7pm (last on agenda)

   Feb 26 - Barnstable BOH at 3pm

   Feb 27 - Truro BOH at 4:30pm 

   Feb 28 - Eastham BOH at 3pm


March 5 -   Provincetown Conservation Commission at 6:30pm

March 11 - Falmouth BOH at 6:30pm, downstairs out back!

March 12 - Harwich BOH will vote 6:30pm on the POCCA team's request.

March 13 - Bourne BOH at 6pm on Perry Ave at Bourne Town Hall

March 18 - Brewster BOS at 7pm, open comment/public speak to request

March 19 - Massachusetts Pesticide Board meeting in Boston, 10am to noon. 

March 19 - Truro BOH at 4:30pm (moved to April 2nd), i'll still go to speak

March 20 - Mashpee BOH at 7pm, public open speak for 3 minutes

March 21 - Provincetown BOH at 4pm, on agenda with 2 requests to vote on.

March 26 - Barnstable BOH at 2pm, on agenda with 2 requests they vote on then.

April 2 - Eastham BOH said no, go to BOS and let them write stronger language 

April 2 - Truro BOH said come back, they consider a new regulation with DPW

April 8 - Falmouth BOH tabled from 25th, voted YES to both requests!  

April 22 - Barnstable BOH said departments are using Glyphosate (this is new?)

April 25 - Barnstable Town Council, 3 min, town Manager said he will look into it.

May 28 - Dennis BOS on agenda at 6pm ~ cancelled by BOS, i'll try again

June 20- Barnstable town Council, 3 min, got golf courses involved!  :)

July 16 - Dennis BOS on agenda at 5:30pm, they may be ready to vote!

July 18 - Orleans BOH on agenda at 2pm, reaching for new town regulation!

July 18 - Barnstable town Council, 3 min, reaching for new town policy!

President, Laura Kelley receives CIDC Award April 27, 2019, her speech:


Please donate to a team who is doing all they can to protect the land we all love and the natural resources upon it. 
~ Thank you for caring to help ~

Please join the mission by lessening the amount of products

you purchase and use above our aquifer as well.  Thank you!

This map below shows the depth to our drinkable water. 

Cape Cod has 6 lenses, 5 are drinkable.  The pink lines show where the ROW power lines are throughout Cape Cod, this is where Eversource uses herbicides to maintain vegetation over growth.  There are other ways to protect electric wires that are cost effective and less toxic to our natural resources and thus, us. 17 Cape and MV towns have asked they don't use herbicides on our land. 

~   Our Programs   ~

The POCCA team educates about this important issue that affects us all:   To prevent EVERSOURCE Energy from spraying herbicides along Rights-of-Way power lines on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard to keep vegetation from harming electricity but there are better ways.  Watch this video, it shows what they are doing on our land despite 17 towns writing documents against it from occurring again.

POCCA team members love to come and present pertinent information about our water supply and environmental issues to your group.  We offer meetings with informative speakers to discuss emerging contaminants and the hydrology of our aquifer to explain what’s going on below the surface and how important it is to us.

Learn how to lessen your impact on our aquifer by changing your every day habits!  Visit the 'how you can help' page to see examples that are cost effective and simple solutions that will make a big difference in nature.

POCCA receives Cape and Island Democratic Award         on April 27, 2019 for best activist of the year.

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